Kali TV GO

Kali TV is an independent online television focusing on Africans in the diaspora. Founded in 2012, Kali TV has quickly became the number one online platform for Africans in the diaspora as well as in the continent to express themselves and raise their voice. Kali TV mission is simply to connect Africans in the diaspora as well as in the continent. Kali TV programs include Around Town, Noteworthy and Diaspora top six. To learn more about Kali TV visit kalitv.com

DC Yoga Reggae Festival

Yoga reggae festival unite and encompass a fusion of live reggae music with yoga and a range of spiritual disciplines that focus on meditation, health, relaxation and the peaceful art of living. Studies show the practice of yoga—which combines stretching and other exercises with deep breathing and meditation—can improve overall physical fitness, strength, flexibility and lung capacity, while reducing heart rate, blood pressure and back pain.